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Breaking the Pattern - AI as a Tool in the Context of Technology Design @ correlations forum, HfG Offenbach

Two people presenting at a conference, one woman with a laptop and a microphone and one man with a microphone, both sitting at a table with lanyards.

Our talk ‘Breaking the pattern - AI as a tool in the context of technology design’ at the 2nd KITeGG Symposium, the Correlations Forum for AI in Art and Design at the HfG Offenbach, was a great opportunity to reflect on AI and design. Is AI just another tool for the designer’s toolbox, or does it introduce paradigmatically different ways of interacting with technology? We tried to make an educated guess based on what we’ve observed in design education and applied research on machine learning in recent years. We talked about opportunities for designers to take advantage of the amazing new possibilities this technology offers and possible strategies for shaping design education to have a real impact on how AI technologies are developed and used.

The project KITeGG is a joint project of Mainz University of Applied Sciences, Offenbach University of Applied Sciences, Schwäbisch Gmünd University of Applied Sciences, Köln International School of Design (TH Köln) and Trier University of Applied Sciences. Within the project’s duration until the end of 2025, the universities will alternately organize two symposia each year on the topic of AI and design.