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Prompt Battle at reshape forum

The image depicts an indoor event with a crowd of people watching a person using a computer on a stage illuminated by purple and green lights. The audience appears engaged with the presentation, and the room has a historical decor with large draped windows.

On Wednesday we opened our doors for the 3rd KITeGG summer school. After a warm welcome from the organizer team followed by a guided tour of the university we started our second Prompt Battle event at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd.

Prompt Battle

This time to top the event even a bit more than the previous one, we invented spezial moderators: Bernadette Geiger and Ella Zickerick. They are part of the team from HTW Desden that developed the Prompt Battle event format.

Prompt Battle

After the selection of the participating from the audience, the match could start! The tournament was held in a 1v1 single elimination bracket. The goal: To convince the audience that your generated image fulfills the task best with their prompting skills or a bit of luck from the latenspace from Dalle2. But as always, the audience decided the winner of the rounds, so a little humor in the pictures couldn’t hurt either.

Prompt Battle

The event was a lot of fun for all of us, not least because of the good moderation by Bernadette Geiger and Ella Zickerick and the great organization team in the background. Many thanks to everyone involved!

Photos and Videography by Stefan Eigner