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Pathways for integrating AI education in the design curriculum @ IxDA education summit 2023

Group of speakers at the IxDA Education Summit 2023

Interaction design is a field that continually evolves alongside technological advancements, facing ever new possibilities and challenges. The same applies to interaction design education, which must adapt to meet the changing demands of the discipline. Especially the emergence of AI-based learning systems that change their behavior over time and with use pose new questions for the discipline. At the IxDA interaction design education summit 2023 we had the opportunity to discuss this exciting topic with other educators, learners and practitioners. With our talk titled “Pathways for integrating AI education in the design curriculum” we contributed our experiences and thoughts on AI education in design from the KITeGG project and the establishment of the AI+D Lab at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd.

We also compiled our experiences and thoughts into a comprehensive paper. For further information and access to the paper, please follow this Link.

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